Automate Collecting KPIs

Collect KPIs from users in a timely and automated fashion.

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Connect to Any Data Source

Transform any online or offline data set into real-time, enriched KPIs

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Make Agile Decisions with Confidence

Interact with up-to-date KPIs that are Relevant to All Stakeholders

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Dig Deeper with Kaia

Kaia, Lumify360’s Integrated AI Companion, Empowers All Users to Explore Analytics Using Natural Language

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Take Action with Easy-to-Use Workflows

Assign and Act on KPI Analysis, Trends, and Exceptions

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Enrich KPIs. Predict Performance.

Assign and take action on KPI analysis, trends, and exceptions and ensure timely offline data collection with a configurable workflow and notification engine.  

Enrich KPIs with macroeconomic and market data, then link them to strategic objectives, business goals, risks, and even risk appetite levels to quickly visualize emerging issues and predict KPI performance.  

Connect to any other third-party platform or data source, such as Databricks, Snowflake, Azure, SharePoint, Google Docs, AWS, business data sets, and more.  

Lumify360’s native Power BI integration empowers organizations can easily port visualizations and data sets into their internal Office applications and keep reports refreshed. And with Kaia, Lumify360’s integrated AI companion, all users can instantly get the insights they need or dig deeper into analytics withou relying on data analysts or subject matter experts.  

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To win, decision-makers require real-time KPI data that empowers them to make agile, effective decisions.

KPI data is out there, but it’s difficult to consolidate, enrich, and correlate it in a way that empowers timely and confident decisions. This is because internal and external data are siloed, unstructured, and outdated. Once data is modeled and transformed into visualizations, opportunities to take proactive action have passed. And, if this weren’t frustrating enough, boards of directors and executives often still require subject matter experts to explain data meaningfully.

Modern Data Lakehouse
  • Modern Data Lakehouse
  • Data Integration
  • Embedded Power BI
  • KPI Enrichment
  • Configurable Workflows
  • KRI-to-KPI Mapping
  • SOC 2 Type II Compliant
Modern Data Lakehouse

Our modern data lakehouse, built on Microsoft Fabric, enables customers to manage and analyze structured and unstructured data. By consolidating data from multiple sources into a single repository, customers can ensure data integrity and accessibility while enhancing decision-making processes. The data lakehouse’s advanced architecture supports data ingestion and processing, allowing for more agile and responsive business operations. This provides a scalable solution accommodating customers’ growing data needs and leads to improved insights, efficiency, and a competitive edge in the market.

Data Integration

Lumify360 empowers customers to seamlessly combine internal and external data sources into a unified view, breaking down data silos and enhancing data consistency. This ensures that all relevant data is readily available for analysis, leading to more accurate and comprehensive insights. Customers can reduce manual data handling errors and streamline workflows by leveraging automated data integration processes. This feature supports various data formats and sources, including real-time data feeds, enabling customers to stay updated with the latest information. The result is a more informed decision-making process, improved operational efficiency, and the ability to quickly respond to market changes.

Connect to any other third-party platform or data source, such as Databricks, Snowflake, Azure, SharePoint, Google Docs, AWS, business data sets, and more.

Embedded Power BI

The embedded Power BI feature provides powerful data visualization and reporting tools directly within Lumify360’s analytics platform. This integration enables customers to create interactive and insightful dashboards without needing separate applications. Power BI’s intuitive interface makes it easy to explore data, identify trends, and share findings across the organization. Customers can easily embed and refresh visualizations in their Office365 applications, such as PowerPoint and Microsoft Word. With Kaia, 360factors’ AI companion, customers can query their reports in natural language without relying on subject matter experts or data analysts.

KPI Enrichment

Our KPI enrichment feature combines internal bank data with external datasets, providing a more holistic view of performance metrics. This integration empowers customers to benchmark their KPIs against industry standards, economic indicators, and market trends, leading to more strategic insights. Enriching KPIs with external data can reveal underlying factors affecting performance and identify new growth opportunities or potential risks. This comprehensive approach enhances the accuracy and relevance of KPIs, enabling banks to make more informed decisions, optimize operations, and achieve their strategic goals more effectively.

Configurable Workflows

The configurable workflows engine feature offers customers the ability to assign and take action on KPI analysis, trends, and exceptions and ensure timely offline data collection. This capability allows for the automation of routine tasks, reducing the risk of human error and improving operational efficiency. Users can take action quickly in response to changing business conditions and receive notifications when KPIs are approaching thresholds. The configurable workflows also facilitate better collaboration across departments, as processes can be standardized and monitored for continuous improvement.

KRI-to-KPI Mapping

Our KRI-to-KPI mapping feature provides a robust framework for linking key risk indicators (KRIs) to key performance indicators (KPIs), offering a comprehensive view of a customer’s risk and performance landscape. This mapping helps identify how potential risks impact performance metrics, enabling proactive risk management and strategic planning. By understanding the correlation between risks and performance, banks can implement targeted mitigation strategies and optimize resource allocation. This feature enhances the ability to anticipate and manage risks effectively, ultimately leading to more stable and predictable performance outcomes.

SOC 2 Type II Compliant

Achieving SOC 2, Type II compliance demonstrates our commitment to data security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. This feature assures customers that our software meets the stringent requirements necessary to safeguard sensitive data. SOC 2 compliance not only helps in meeting regulatory standards but also builds trust with customers and stakeholders by ensuring that their data is handled with the highest level of security and integrity. This compliance is critical for protecting against data breaches, ensuring business continuity, and maintaining customers’ reputations in an increasingly regulated and security-conscious environment.

Pricing is based on the quantity of data sources, integrations, transformations, and visualizations required.
Our customers often find that a comprehensive solution costs less than 1 full-time data analyst.

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